What is the New Internet Project?

I think that you're wandering what this project is about. Well, after some years of study I pointed out many major vulnerabilities of the current Internet Protocols, such as TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, HTML (and of course XHTML) with Javascript, and so on. So I thought that it would be better to replace the current protocols with new ones more secure and reliable.

So the New Internet Project is born! In fact I have some ideas but I am also inquiring experts of internetworking in order to develope a new and most secure protocol for internet connection.

MPNH (is not a pretty name, I admit it), is a connection manager (you can think at it as XinetD of Linux, but it does much more), and it provides for all services a secure connection with encrypted and compressed datachannels, but also an account managing system with an advanced policy manager and the capacity to store and retrieve users' data. And it uses a new URL standard to provide connections to services.

URLe (Universal Resource Locator enhances) is a an enhanced release of the current URL system. In fact it adds some protocols as SQL or SENDMAIL to the list, and standardize the use of parameters.

At last, but not the least, IPML, a protocol created to support the text markup languages as XHTML, SGML and also XML. It provides an internal form designing language as long as an automation language. It can be sent as standard ANSI text file or compiled (less space required) and, thanks to MPNH does not need to save cookies!

Why should anybody support/care of this project?

This is an easy one. This is a huge project, and it is very important for anybody. It is so important that we MUST keep it an Open Source. But it is also very expansive and hard to carry on. So every kind of help is required. Ideas, usefull sources, money. This project is the future of a free, secure, reliable Internet, in opposition to that music majors or software houses that want to shut freedom for profit.

Don't misunderstand me. I do not dislike profit. But I belive that The Internet must be a free channel to express ideas freely. Not for piracy, spamming, hacking, cracking, but to freely and securely express yourself and share knowledge and ideas. And also to gain access to pulic services, and, why not, also buy/sell/share products (legally!). This is also the New Internet Project.

The NIProject can be also a powerful tool against piracy and Internet Felony. And can protect users against some common attacks, and some viruses (and we hope to develope this project furthermore in order to grant users a better protection, but also to coders an easier way to develope secure network applications).

Trusting Versus Untrusting

The latter Internet was based on trust. This is a major defect inherited from its erlier functionality of data-exchange among universities and research centers!

But now that Internet is accessible to everyone, this has becomen the major vulnerability of the whole Internet! So it is a necessity to change the way things are now. The purpose of this project is to create protocols that do not trust others by default! So, when you send a mail, you must first login. And if you are relaying a mail, the server must trust you (and also know you) to accept it!

A PING will never work again if the computer you are pinging will not know you and trust you (so the DOS attack will have to find new ways to work)!

Last modified in 26/01/2006